2022-06-02 Taylor Landing At Peace River

White-Throated Sparrow - Zonotrichia albicollis
The plaintiff songs of White-Throated Sparrows give their presence away long before you see them. On my drive from Dawson Creek (British Columbia) to Fort Saint John, I stopped at a wooded grove next to the Peace River, called Taylor Landing Provincial Park.

At Dawson Creek, I stayed the night in the Walmart parking lot. The nights are short at these latitudes, and they don’t get very dark. Even at midnight, the sky remains in twilight. I arrived about noon and settled in to work on my blog about Lesser Slave Lake. There was an accumulation of three days’ worth of images to process, and as many yarns to weave. I finally completed the blog and got it posted to my website. Now there is only the Crystal Lake story to work on.

I plotted several stops for my trip to Saint John’s, only an hour’s drive north on the Al-Can Highway. The only significant stop I made was at the Peace River Bridge, in a wooded grove called Taylor Crossing. The towering broad-leaf trees must have been a hundred feet tall. I could hear singing from on high, but my only hope for capturing bird images would be from species that prefer a slightly less-elevated life-style.

I was lucky in this location. Birds like the White-Throated Sparrows, Swainson’s Thrushes, American Redstarts, and Black-Capped Chickadees all make their livings closer to my eye-level. These species have been gracing me with close encounters at many of the places I’ve visited in northern Alberta. The high point of my morning’s stop at these woods was when a Black-and-White Warbler dropped in to look for bugs near me. I knew these birds were around, but until now, they’d eluded me on their breeding grounds.

Very near to Fort Saint Johns is Charlie Lake, a place I stayed while traveling north on my 2005 trip to Alaska. I’d like to visit this location while I’m here, but I don’t think camping will be needed. I can boondock somewhere nearby. Walmart is always an option.

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