A Little Whitehorse History

[and an unexpected connection to a certain pumpkin-headed ex-president.]

I did a little digging into the history of Whitehorse, and among the tidbits I gathered, I learned Don-the-Con Trump’s grandfather ran a brothel here during the Klondike gold rush. And it wasn’t his first endeavor in the flesh peddling business. Twice before in the Seattle area, he owned Hotel-Restaurant-Brothel businesses and profited from economic booms from mining enterprises that flourished briefly in the region.

At age 16, Fred-The-First emigrated from his birthplace in Bavaria to New York in the USA in 1885 and moved to Seattle in 1891, where he bought a restaurant that was reported to have served food and liquor and was advertised to include “Rooms for Ladies”, a common euphemism for prostitution, and began accumulating wealth.

In 1892, he returned to his birthplace and took a wife, but because he left the country illegally to avoid conscription into the German military, he was stripped of his German citizenship and banished forever. He and his bride moved to the USA, and returned to the Seattle area.

Later, he sold the first business and launched his second brothel enterprise in the Everett area in 1889, after reports that mineral deposits had been discovered. When the mining boom fizzled, he moved to Whitehorse, where the Klondyke boom had just begun, briefly operating a cafeteria on the White Pass trail and sold horse meat from the dead horses that died from overwork carrying goods and miners to the ‘promised land’. Later, he moved to Whitehorse and started his most successful “Hotel-Restaurant-Brothel” business. When the Canadian government stopped turning a blind eye to the liquor and tent-city brothel business, he sold out his interest to his alcoholic business partner, and moved to New York, where he died in 1918 of the Spanish Flu, as one of its earliest victims.

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