Acorn Woodpecker Composite

Melanerpes formicivorus

I have a water feature in my yard that attracts birds all day long. The water feature consists of a modest ‘SEE-ment pond’ with a small pump that lifts the water and empties into a shallow concrete dish that acts as a bird-bath, then spills down a short waterway and falls about three feet back to the pond. Since I offer thistle in an ‘upside-down’ feeder tube, I get a lot of Lesser Goldfinches. I also have hummingbirds year-round.  I regularly get a few House Finches at the bird-bath. In winter warblers will join in at the bath (mostly Yellow-Rumped). I’ve seen hawks (Red-Shouldered, Red-Tailed, Cooper’s), Crows, orioles, tanagers, wrens, flycatchers, phoebes, towhees, and a variety of birds bathing or drinking over the years.

For the past half-dozen weeks I’ve been entertained by the neighborhood Acorn Woodpeckers. Prior to landing at the water, they announce their presence with their raucous “Woody-The-Woodpecker” calls. They show a high degree of shyness in their approach, and their indirect path to the water is interspersed with lengthy inspections of the surrounding scene from perches overhead.

There is an unmistakable harlequin nature to their appearance. From their bright yellow eyes, strongly contrasting black and white streaked breast, the red cap and the black circle in the middle of their white faces, these birds seem well suited to appear in the royal courts of old.

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  1. Nice. Hope all is well with you. I just had to replace my UPS and thought of you.
    The old one didn’t survive several near lightning strikes in a row, but it did save my new computer (a recycled upgraded one fixed by an IT guru friend) and printer. Stay well.

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