Alaska Retrospective

I wrote the saga about my 2005 Alaska trip a long time ago. It is a bit like a journal. In fact I was just beginning my discipline for daily Journaling during this episode. My writing style was rough, and much of it was hard to read. In editing the document to include links to the new galleries, I cleaned up a lot of grammar issues as I found them, but in retrospect, I think a better flow of the accounts could be constructed. The accounts are interrupted by the narrative constraints that the travelling imposed. Every day I would write my thoughts with pen and paper in a spiral wound booklet. Later, when time allowed, I would enter the hand written accounts into my laptop and send these accounts via email to friends. Often the laptop sessions included many days worth of entries. I sometimes included notes and reflections on the episode being processed and these editorial segments interrupt the time flow, sometimes causing the story line to skip forward and backwards through the final account. 

Adding the links to the galleries within the context of the daily entries has (I think) improved the communication quality. I also re-read and groomed some of the wording to make more clear, how the intended message was expressed. To make the entire narrative work better would require a lot more effort than I feel like putting out at this time.