2023-03-21 in Patagonia

Tuesday I visited the Paton Center for Hummingbirds in Patagonia, a destination I have heard many folks rave about over the years. It was my first visit, but I sure hope it is not the last. Once the home of bird lovers Wally and Marion Paton, it is now operated by the Tucson Audubon Society. … Read more

2023-03-19 Gardner Canyon Road

Knowing I’d be returning to Tucson after exploring some of southeastern Arizona’s birding Meccas, I left without the full tour of most of its local specialty locations for meeting birds. I camped two nights at a “Dispersed Camping” site along Gardner Canyon Road, four miles north of Sonoita. I was headed to Patagonia, but decided … Read more

2023-03-18 Sweetwater Wetlands-Tucson

I rely on an internet connection while I roam North America in my RV. My most reliable method has been through the use of cell phone service. As I explore remote locations, the cell service sometimes fails to deliver a useful connection, and I either have to delay the work I use it for, or … Read more

2023 Continental Expedition Begins

Finally, I’m on the road. I launched at about 3pm last Monday, driving through Ramona and Santa Ysabel, then dropping into the Borrego Valley down Montezuma Pass. It is one of my favorite routes east from San Diego. The route carries me past a fairly reliable location in the Henshaw Valley to find Tricolored Blackbirds … Read more

2023-03-11 Web Upgrades to v5.1

Before finishing my tour of North America in 2022, I begin dreaming about my next expedition. It was the maritime provinces in Canada that I most wanted to explore next. I’d hoped to depart in mid-February, but the universe had different plans for me. Some of the delays were rather frustrating, but in retrospect the … Read more

WebWork Underway

Recently, my web team began working on improvements to the shadeTreeImaging website. There may be an occasional hiccup as changes are being implemented. Please be patient!

2023 – The Road Ahead, The Road Behind

A Word On My Recovery:  The injuries I suffered from the fall I took from my bike last November that put me in a Trauma Center for a week have largely healed. I’ve been improving daily, and getting my “projects” sorted out and planning my next expedition. A Word About My Preparations:  When I’m not … Read more

2022 Expedition in Review

On February 27, I left San Diego on what turned out to be a 16,000 mile tour of western North America that lasted 7½ months. I began with a slow crawl north up the Pacific Coast, with my first stop in San Luis Obispo, and followed it to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  During the … Read more

2022-10-04 Davis Mountains

Davis Mountains State Park has its origins in the 1930s as a Civilian Conservation Corps project to help lift the broken economy out of the depression. Miles of trails were constructed across the 2,709 acres of this property, along with a sixteen room lodge. In 1967, 101 campsites were added, including many with full or … Read more