Bird Gallery Update: Now Completed

Before my recent surgery on Oct-25, I’d completed the revisions for the descriptions on all but one group of birds in my collection. That group was the Pelagic set. For the first few weeks after my eight-day hospital stay, I could not focus clearly on tasks such as research and writing, so the project stagnated. Beginning about a week ago, my pain levels reduced and my mind cleared enough to focus a little better. Yesterday I completed the last of the twenty-two species descriptions in this collection.

The work on “Birds I Have Known” galleries will never be complete. They promise to be a permanent work-in-progress. When I began updating the species’ descriptions, I wanted to learn more about the subjects in my collection, so I focused on areas that sparked my curiosity. The completion of these revisions should now meet the following criteria:

  • Each species shows a range map and some discussion about where these birds live.
  • Each species account discusses subspecies and where they range.
  • There should be some behavior information and even trivia I found interesting.
  • All subjects have a brief discussion about my experience with these species and how I met them.

My goal is to pass on what I’ve learned, and possibly help others on their path to understanding the natural world around us. I hope I’ve kept the discussion elevated above the too simplistic, and below the too scholarly. Somewhere between “See spot run” and “E=MC²”.