Blue Grosbeak (Bird Of The Day)

Blue Grosbeak - Passerina caerulea
Lake Hodges. San Diego County, California.

Introducing a new series

Its been on my mind to recently that I could do a better job of bringing attention to some of the birds in my Bird Gallery. What I plan is a series that I will call “Bird For Today”. This is the first posting on this series.

Many scientists consider the Blue Grosbeak as more closely related to buntings than to the cardinal/grosbeak complex. These birds breed across most of the southern USA and northern Mexico and spend their winters in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. I always look forward to visits from this bird.

Near my home in San Diego County my best encounters have been at Lake Hodges and Iron Mountain, but I’ve met them at Whelan Lake near Oceanside, at the Tijuana River Valley and at Mission Trails Regional Park. The prime habitat for these birds is riparian edges or bushy zones adjacent to grassy areas where they can hide their nests in thick brush a few feet off the ground. According to Phil Unitt (San Diego County Bird Atlas), they begin to arrive in the county in mid-April and by late September most have left our area and have headed south for the winter, where they are known to gather in flocks and feed in open weedy fields. I would describe their song as bubbly and melodious.

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