Buen Viaje! Andele Revillagigedo

This afternoon I head down to Fisherman’s landing to load my gear (and I have a lot of it) on the 98 foot vessel, Shogun. Early tomorrow, with 25 intrepid nature lovers aboard, we depart San Diego waters into Mexico for 18 days. Our destination is the Revillagigedo Island archipelago which lies approximately 300 miles SSW of the southern tip of Baja California (Mexico). These islands are seldom visited by humans, and apart from a small naval presence on Socorro Island, are uninhabited.

I look forward to the adventure and whatever photo opportunities that may be derived. The potential wildlife should be mostly avian and cetacean (birds and whales), but I’m packing enough camera gear to be able to capture just about any image that I choose to pursue. I’ve spent the past half week planning my gear and packing for the voyage. With no laundry facilities, the clothing I’ve packed is no small package, and the camera gear is loaded mostly in a large backpack designed just for this purpose.

I have my doubts about what WiFi options I’ll be able to exploit on this journey, so this may be my last opportunity to reach out to my friends until I return at the end of February. So until I can again connect, wish me a “Buen Viaje!”