Best Birds Of The 2017 Revillagigedos Trip

Having completed the “package” of 14 episodes about the recent trip to the Archipiélago de Revillagigedo (2017-February). I’ve assembled 52 of my favorite “bird” moments from the trip. Those images are displayed below. For a review of each of these episodes, <Click Here> or use the main menu at the top of the page to select … Read more

2017-02-21~22 Clarion to Cabo, And Home

2017-02-21 Tuesday (Adios Clarion) The weather predictions for our departure from Isla Clarion were for rough seas so I dosed myself with motion meds and braced for the worst. Though it was a little rough, I had expected more severity. The three-day patch for motion sickness fell off the back of my ear after one … Read more

2017-02-20 Hiking Isla Clarión

I spent the day hiking on Clarión Island’s southern flanks. Most of the rest of the passengers on the voyage visited these locations on the previous afternoon while I stayed aboard to rest and recuperate. I walked east from our landing, past the rocky shore where shorebirds were much too shy for my camera to … Read more

2017-02-18~19 Isla Clarion By Sea

Before we said goodbye to Isla Socorro, we drove the boat north along the island’s eastern flank, and visited a different beach, called Playa Blanca, a little south from where we visited yesterday. The winds had picked up this day and promised to provide some of the roughest seas of the trips so far. We anchored off … Read more

2017-02-17 Isla Socorro, A Day At The Beach

Yesterday was a big day exploring the higher elevations on Isla Socorro. To investigate as much diversity as possible, we visited a beach on the opposite side of the island where the sheep never grazed. The crew found a small cove for us to explore on the northern tip of the island. We travelled along … Read more

2017-02-16 Socorro’s Cloud Forest

We left the boat early this morning and the Marines graciously offered to give us a ride in trucks part way up the mountain. When the trucks could go no further than the two miles the road allowed, at an elevation of 1675 feet, we hoofed it for the rest of the way. The wooded … Read more

2017-02-15 Our First Afternoon At Isla Socorro

We left Isla San Benedicto early this morning and drove the boat 32 miles south to Isla Socorro and arrived to anchor about 8:00am. Even though we had all the permits required to land on this island and do all the biological collecting, the Marines stationed on the base here had not received the paperwork … Read more

2017-02-14 Isla San Benedicto

Our company would meet Isla San Benedicto this morning. The object of our journey, the Archipiélago de Revillagigedo was finally at hand. On August 1, 1952 at 8:30 AM, the volcano that built this island erupted and extinguished all life present. There were several more eruptions that lasted until March of the following year. By … Read more

2017-02-13 Seafaring South

Monday was a travel day on board the Shogun. We had 350 miles to navigate and at 10-12 miles per hour it would take a while. While the captain and crew worked behind the scenes, keeping the boat moving and the passengers fed, we all kept busy processing collected information and preparing for our next … Read more

2017-02-12 Isla Santa Margarita

We left Isla Asuncion late in the afternoon and while we slept, the captain and crew drove all night towards our next destination: Isla Santa Margarita, ¾ the way down the Baja peninsula. The original plan for this journey was to spend a day and a half at Bahia Magdalena and Isla Magdalena, but a … Read more