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Memories of Idyllwild

Whether your interests are hiking, exploring, shopping for art, camping, mountaineering, relaxing, summer jazz, or just escaping from the hustle of the southern California cities below, the mile-high region around Idyllwild has many attractions. My explorations of this area usually go beyond the town limits. I think of the town as a starting point for … Read more

Memories of Merced NWR

Midway between Interstate 5 and US-99, 15 miles from Los Banos and 11 miles from Merced California, is the approximate geographic center of California’s Central Valley. It is also the site of the 10,000+ acre Merced National Wildlife Refuge.  Prior to the “civilization” of the west, the entire Central Valley of California was a destination … Read more

Memories of Torrey Pines State Park

There are three sections to this state park: the bluffs, the slough or lagoon, and the extension. When most folks think of Torrey Pines State Park, it is the bluffs high above the beaches that come to mind. This because it is here that the famous trees abound. These trees grow only in this region … Read more

Memories of Agua Dulce Creek

Because habitats in San Diego County include the coast, the valleys, the coastal slopes, the mountains and the desert, its biodiversity exceeds most places in North America and the rest of the world. Some of San Diego County’s higher elevations can render some surprising bird encounters. Agua Dulce Creek is a location that has provided … Read more

Memories of Gray Lodge

Wildlife preserves in modern times can serve as reminders of how the natural order of life on this planet was intended. The ravenous demands of an ever expanding society have ground through much of the wondrous original landscapes, leaving behind a trail of homogenized, featureless and damaged versions of its former self. This trend is … Read more

Memories of Crowley Lake

Crowley Lake is located within the Eastern Sierra District in the high country north of Bishop California. It is a large lake on the upper Owens River and part of the Los Angeles DWP district for supplying water to southern California. The lake rests at the lowest edge of the 11 mile by 20 mile … Read more

Memories of Cattle Call Park

Cattle Call Park is located on the western edge of Brawley California in the Imperial Valley, close to the Salton Sea. The park takes its name from the rodeo event held here in November. This event draws as many as 200,000 fans, but most of the time it is a relatively quiet place next to … Read more

Memories of Snake River Birds of Prey NCA

The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area has been set aside to promote the protection and preservation of raptors. These birds sometimes gather here in large numbers. The steep rocky cliffs lining the inner canyon that carries the Snake River through the wide plains of Southern Idaho are well suited for … Read more