Memories of Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Travel fifty-four miles east from the I-10 freeway on US-60 in Phoenix, and just 3 miles short of Superior Arizona is a jewel of a location for nature lovers called the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Named for an early 20th Century strip-mining magnet, I find it ironic that a man guilty of causing some of the … Read more

Memories of the Chiricahua Mountains

I’m quite certain I’ve yet to tap into all the treasures the Chiricahua sky island has to offer. Rustler Park and Cave Creek, where my visits have been limited, were a treat during the times I spent there. Among the gifts the mountain shared with me were first meetings with several species: Yellow-Eyed Junco, Swainson’s … Read more

Memories of the Santa Rita Mountains

Madera Canyon, Gardner Canyon, and Florida Canyon each find their origins on the slopes of the Santa Rita Mountains. Madera flows west, Florida north, and Gardner east. Each canyon differs from its mates. The most well-known location on this sky island is Madera Canyon. There are several reasons for its popularity. Accessibility here is one … Read more

Memories of Huachuca’s Eastern Canyons

Ramsey Canyon, Carr Canyon and Miller Canyon all descend from the eastern flanks of the Huachuca Mountains. For bird lovers, each of these places offers a wealth of opportunities for meeting unusual or even rare birds. Many of the birds stay for the warmer months, only to raise the next generation, but some remain year-round. … Read more

Memories of Fort Huachuca

The Huachuca Mountain Sky Island is chock full of exciting birding destinations. There are too many exceptional places to describe in a single post. I will attempt to offer information about the locations I’ve enjoyed in sections or episodes. This one is about the locations on the Fort Huachuca Army base. This is a working … Read more

Memories of Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon looks southward over the city of Tucson, Arizona. In late April of 2017 I spent three days exploring several locations atop this sky island. I think I’ve barely scratched the surface tapping the wealth this mountain might provide. On the advice and directions from a generous local birder I “met” online, I headed … Read more

Memories of Agua Caliente Park in Pima County

Stuck out of the way near the foot of the Rincon and Catalina Mountains in the northeastern corner of Tucson Arizona, is Agua Caliente Park. Here sits a hundred acres of parkland with groves of trees, ponds and open grasslands, next to a desert wash, providing a rich habitat for man and beast to enjoy. … Read more

Memories of Havasu NWR

Along the Colorado River between Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City Arizona is Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. My visits to this refuge have been at the northern section, between Interstate 40 and Bullhead City. Leaving Interstate 40 east of the Colorado River, is the Oatman Highway. I often start my tour of the riverside marshes … Read more