Memories of Siskiyou Summit Road

I have family in Central Point Oregon that I like to visit as often as possible. During my stays there I like to explore the surrounding region. Above the Rogue Valley, where most of the population in southern Oregon resides, there are forestry roads penetrating the high country. One such road is National Forest Road … Read more

Memories Of Malheur

My first visit to Malheur National Wildlife Reserve was in December 2003. The only images from that visit were some mediocre shots of my first meeting with a Rough-Legged Hawk. More memorable for me was an encounter with a herd of Bighorn Sheep in Catlow Valley as I was driving to Malheur that morning. Almost … Read more

Memories of the Link River in Klamath Falls

I’ve travelled extensively through Western USA, yet I don’t feel I’ve “seen it all”. Far from it, I’m certain there are still plenty of surprises waiting for me to ferret out. When I’m not travelling, chasing bird images and other natural wonders, I’m thinking about exploring new places, or places I’ve enjoyed visiting in the … Read more