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2019-08-09 Brookings and the Smith River Mouth

On this Friday I drove from Medford Oregon to Brookings Oregon southwest along US-199 into California and then north on US-101 back into Oregon. US-199 starts in the Rogue Valley in Grants Pass Oregon and reaches the northern coast of California near Crescent City. The drive takes its travellers down the Smith River through a … Read more

2019-08-07 Siskiyou Summit

On my drive over the Siskiyou Summit Ridge, most birds were resistive to my efforts to find them. I had one episode with what I believe was an Evening Grosbeak while stopped along a steep hillside. I just couldn’t get my camera pointed at the angle required for the capture before the bird flew off. … Read more

The Tapestry; A Short Story

Once upon a time, an enormous woven tapestry was discovered by a wandering troop of people. They knew nothing of its origins, but they admired its intricate beauty. As they examined it, they realized they could feed themselves and find protection under its cover. Generations passed and the troop become a village. The people forgot … Read more