2022-09-16 SPI on a Friday

Friday, after my morning visits with the birds at Sheepshead and later at the SPI Convention Centre, I took a break from the worst of the midday heat, and retired to my campsite across the road from the SPICC, where I found shelter under the air conditioner in my RV, and I could work on … Read more

2022-09-15 Thursday on the Island

As my time on South Padre draws near its end, I wish I could stay for months, instead of the weeks available in my time-budget. It is especially hard to think about leaving when a fresh supply of warbler species starts showing up.  Like most days here on the island, I began my morning at … Read more

Memories of My Friend Jerry Goffe

Ken, a friend in Albuquerque, called me on Monday to let me know that our mutual friend Jerry Goffe passed away Sunday night. Ken and I talked at length about our favorite “Jerry” memories. I’ve known no one with a bigger love of life than Jerry. He was at his best when given the opportunity … Read more

2022-04-25 In Malheur

The clear blue skies I enjoyed in Burns Oregon on Saturday and Sunday degraded to a gloomy gray on Monday. Still, the gloom was not so deep as to dampen the enjoyment during my tour of the Visitor Center at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. I told myself after my last visit to Malheur that I … Read more

2022-04-03 Yaquina South Jetty

I arrived Saturday in Newport, and spent most of the day catching up with my blogging tasks, but after spending the night north of town, I wanted to see what birding treasures I might find in the area. In keeping with my “south-jetty fetish”, I drove to the South Yaquina Bay Jetty on the southern … Read more

Bird Gallery Update: Now Completed

Before my recent surgery on Oct-25, I’d completed the revisions for the descriptions on all but one group of birds in my collection. That group was the Pelagic set. For the first few weeks after my eight-day hospital stay, I could not focus clearly on tasks such as research and writing, so the project stagnated. … Read more

Warbler Galleries Updated

With 40 species in the set, it was quite a chore to get them all updated. It is still an educational experience for me to sift through scholarly articles looking for useful information and interesting trivia. Some subjects lend themselves to the investigative process better than others. This is true, largely because we have not … Read more

Revisions, and My Continuing Education

I finished revising the collection of birds in the “Thrush” clan, and earlier this week I completed revisions to the “Thrasher” clan. Both sets are now ready for prime-time viewing <grin>. I’m learning a great deal about my subjects through the research I’ve been doing. I feel as though I’m traveling down familiar roads, but … Read more