2021-03-09 Tuesday’s Quick Visit To Louisiana

I woke up this morning and had plans to visit the Rockefeller Wildlife Nature Reserve in Louisiana. I took a ferry ride across the waterway at Cameron and drove past some of the most dramatic destruction by nature I’ve ever seen. I saw mile after mile of destroyed buildings and denuded trees. Grand old oak … Read more

2020-11-26 & 27 Outside of Pima Arizona

I set Thatcher Arizona as a destination on this expedition because I wanted to upgrade the electrical system at my friend Linda’s house there. It took me several days to accomplish my tasks, but by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I’d finished. For Turkey day, plans for a dinner at her friend Kei’s home had been … Read more

2020-11-28 End of November Gallery Updates

I finished up the gallery updates from my half day at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. As I pen these words, I’ve made my way into New Mexico. I’m in Glenwood, where The Catwalk Recreation Area calls to me. I’ve had bad luck during my past three journeys through here and found the facility closed for … Read more

2020-11-24 Late November Gallery Updates

Sometime next week I expect to be back on the road in search of new birds to meet. For now, I’m still working on my friend’s home in Thatcher, getting some electrical issues sorted out. When I conclude my projects here, I plan to roll out onto the road toward New Mexico, where places like … Read more

2020-11-20 Mid-November Gallery Updates

I know I’ve been posting a lot lately about the updates on the bird species galleries I’ve been doing. This updating process is going to take a while. After all, there are over 450 species in the collection to address. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I originally sculpted the galleries when we were constructing … Read more

2020-11-02 Recent Updates

Considering we are into November here in Idaho, the weather has been mild. Days have been mostly in the sixties, while nights have been in the twenties and thirties. I’ve not had my camera out since I got here, as I’ve been enjoying the company of my good friends here. I’ve been continuing to update … Read more

2020-10-22 Gallery Updates and Stories From The Road

In the nine days since my last post, I’ve been sharing my work on my Facebook page. I’ve updated eight more galleries and recalled an old memory of a great day at the Salton Sea. I’m now on the road and bound for Idaho. Unfortunately, circumstances have prevented or discouraged my pursuit of bird photography … Read more

Is This A Hate Letter?

Does hate exist? From a philosophical perspective, a case could be made about the non-existence of things negative (hate being the negative of love). In short, the argument goes that if a quality can only be described by the absence of its opposite, then it doesn’t exist on its own merits. A defender of this … Read more

Blood In The Lungs, 2020 Edition

For a report on my December 2015 health crisis, read <This Post>. The last health report I posted was short on facts. Important information has since been revealed that explains my symptoms better than were previously understood. Recap: I’d been experiencing a nagging cough for two weeks, so last Tuesday I visited Urgent Care with … Read more