2017-06-17~20 Cottonwood Springs

From June 12th to the 20th, the San Diego Natural History Museum science team focused their mission on Cottonwood Springs and the Pinto Basin at the southeastern corner of Joshua Tree National Park. I had my 50th High School reunion to attend, but joined the group on the 15th and stayed to the end. The … Read more

2017 June in Joshua Tree National Park

My trip to Joshua Tree National Park was not without its surprises. I promised to wait one month before speaking of one of them, but there is a good reason for the delay. I’m sure you’ll agree when I finally get permission to speak about it. My friend Sula found a seed pod in doing … Read more

2017-06-01 Nesting at Border Field

I drove down to Border Field this morning and met with the biology team surveying the California Least Terns (endangered) and Western Snowy Plovers (threatened). Both species struggle with habitat issues. The coastal beaches and wetlands they require for nesting have been decimated by human development. I’m not sure if I made any worthwhile captures, … Read more

2017-05-28 Red Hill At The Salton Sea

Travelling south after my expedition with the San Diego Natural History Museum to Horse Thief Springs (read more of that trip HERE) in the Mojave Desert, I could not bring myself into a bee-line for home. I thought a pass by the Salton Sea might be worthwhile. When I travel, I try to find highways I’ve … Read more

2017-05-23~27 Horse Thief Springs

The Bird and Mammal team from the San Diego Natural History Museum launched an expedition nearly 300 miles north to the north-east flanks of the Kingston Mountains, about 75 miles south of Death Valley and 12 miles from the Nevada border at a site called Horse Thief Springs. Our plan was to stay for eight … Read more

2017-04-19 El Centro and the Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel

  My involvement with the San Diego County Mammal Atlas project made me aware of the Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel species. Prior to this I had not a clue about this small rodent. The images that were submitted for the project were nice enough, but lacked pixel resolution and were not shot with a long lens … Read more

Best Birds From The 2017 Revillagigedos Expedition

Having completed the “package” of 14 episodes about the recent trip to the Archipiélago de Revillagigedo (2017-February). I’ve assembled 52 of my favorite “bird” moments from the trip. Those images are displayed below. For a review of each of these episodes, <Click Here>

2017-02-21~22 Clarion to Cabo, And Home

2017-02-21 Tuesday (Adios Clarion) The weather predictions for our departure from Isla Clarion were for rough seas so I dosed myself with motion meds and braced for the worst. Though it was a little rough, I had expected more severity. The three-day patch for motion sickness fell off the back of my ear after one … Read more

2017-02-20 Hiking Isla Clarion’s Southern Shore

  I spent the day hiking on Clarion Island’s southern flanks. Most of the rest of the passengers on the voyage visited these locations on the previous afternoon while I stayed aboard to rest and recuperate. I walked east from our landing, past the rocky shore where shorebirds were much too shy for my camera … Read more

2017-02-18~19 Isla Clarion By Sea

Before we said goodbye to Isla Socorro, we drove the boat north along the island’s eastern flank, and visited a different beach, called Playa Blanca, a little south from where we visited yesterday. The winds had picked up this day and promised to provide some of the roughest seas of the trips so far. We anchored off … Read more