2017-08-13 Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

This morning I found my way to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. I visited here once before while doing my big intermountain trip in the Samurai (the one where I caught a blood clot in my lungs that almost killed me). That was an early spring expedition in 2015. The birds I met were either … Read more

2017-08-12 Driving Up The Colorado River

I’ll be spending the next few days driving north into the Inter Mountain States. I’ll be meeting with a friend in Salt Lake City to spend a few days hunting birds in the reserves in the area before we move on to see the eclipse on the 21st. I left the Salton Sea early this … Read more

2017-08-11 Salton Sea Sunsets

Choosing to add a few more “features” to my RV delayed the launch of my expedition into the inter-mountain west. I might have taken Interstate 15 on my way to Salt Lake, as that would have been the preferred track of my guidance system, but a reported a one hour traffic delay only 50 miles … Read more

2017-08-07 Warner Valley With The SDNHM Team

The science team from the San Diego Natural History team have taken on a project to survey the biology at several inland wetland areas. I missed out on the previous trip to the San Felipe Valley due to personal projects at home. I’m preparing to get underway for a rather long excursion through the intermountain … Read more

2017-07-22 Killdeer Chicks at Rattlesnake Creek

After breakfast yesterday I chased the killdeer chicks at the Community Park in Poway along Rattlesnake Creek that my good friends Charlie and Kirsten told me about. It wasn’t the best light, but I found the birds and spent perhaps 15 minutes with them. Though there was about 50 feet between me and the birds, … Read more

2017 June: Elf Owls In Riverside County

  These sparrow sized owls are listed as “endangered” in California. It is believed that the Lower Colorado River is the limit of their range in California. That makes their presence in the Mojave Desert exciting. There won’t be any descriptions of nesting locations given in this document. On the two evenings when I saw … Read more

2017-07-19&20 Heading Home From The Eastern Sierras

Leaving June Lakes yesterday, I found a road I’d not travelled before. I’d been to Mono Mills on CA-120 East, but never further. The route from US-395 to Benton is about 50 miles. The terrain varies from flat sage at Mono Basin though rolling piney woods further east before turning to open rolling sage. Large … Read more

2017-07-18 Twin Lakes Mammoth, Round Two

My plan for this day was to head out to the end of Lake Mary Road in Mammoth. There were several locations nearby where I thought I might find the Pine Grosbeak. On reflection, I’ve seen several birds on other outings in the Eastern Sierras on this trip I dismissed as Purple Finches, that I … Read more