Common Black-Hawk Composite

The Common Black-Hawk is a bird seldom found near my home in San Diego County. All my encounters with this raptor have come in Arizona. This hawk is a year-round resident in Mexico and northern South America, but is only a summer visitor in Arizona and parts of New Mexico. This bird loves habitats near … Read more

Franklin’s Gull Composite

The Franklin’s Gull is another member of the “hooded” gull group. This bird is a long-distance migrant, wintering south of the equator as far as Chile and summering in the northern USA and the central prairies of Canada. While in their winter homes, most of these birds stay near the coastal Pacific shores and waterways, … Read more

Bonaparte’s Gull Composite

Named after Napoleon’s nephew, Charles Lucien Bonaparte, the Bonaparte’s Gull is small gull belonging to a group referred to as “hooded” gulls. This is due to the black head that the breeding adults display in the summer when they are in breeding or alternate plumage. In summer these birds travel to the Canadian interior and … Read more

Eastern Kingbird Composite

My first meeting with the Eastern Kingbird was in Idaho (2005) while en route to Alaska. That encounter was at a distance too far to yield and usable images. A week later, having traveled through the Kootenay River Valley, then over the Rockies through Jasper National Park, would find me in Alberta at a place … Read more

Yellow Warbler Cutout

Yellow Warblers are one of three summer warblers I commonly encounter near my house, but they are scarce in the winter. Orange-Crowned Warblers and Common Yellowthroats are the other members of this summer trio, but these two are present near me year round. Eye level views of the Yellow Warbler are difficult to get. These birds … Read more