Dusky-Capped Flycatcher Cutout

The Dusky-Capped Flycatcher was not on my radar when I departed on my journey through Arizona in October 2015. It was a serendipitous find. Had I seen the bird only, and not heard its call, I’d have written it off as an Ash-Throated Flycatcher. The two birds look very much alike. But it was the call … Read more

2015-11-12 Arizona Trip Favorites

Mid October I finally launched my expedition into southern Arizona. I’d have left sooner but for the ‘fixit’ jobs at home that delayed my get-away. On my way to Tucson I suffered a transmission failure that cost me some time, money and frustrations. Once my mechanical issues were sorted out, I accomplished most of my … Read more

2015-10-31 Salton Sea Southeast

The southeastern shore of the Salton Sea is an area I enjoy exploring. Between the agricultural fields and the edge of the sea, there are many opportunities to encounter birds of a wide variety. I drove from Yuma though Holtville, Calipatria and Niland to reach the sea. My plan was to drive from the Wister … Read more

2015-10-30 Highway Hypnosis Between Arivaca and Yuma Arizona

My friend Barbara cooked a nice breakfast this morning, and I got packed up and headed out early. I made a stop at the Buenos Aires NWR Visitor’s Center on the way out and had a nice long conversation with Chuck who was setting up his snake exhibit. We seemed to be kindred spirits. He … Read more

2015-10-29 Arivaca Arizona

Arivaca is a small community in south-central Arizona with an estimated population of 900~1000 citizens. There is a watershed of 45 square miles that drains out on Arivaca Creek. The subterranean geology brings the underground stream near the surface and an unexpected marsh (cienega) with giant cottonwood trees rising from the arid landscape. A dozen … Read more

2015-10-27 Marana Arizona’s Powered Paragliders

Leaving Madera Canyon, I drove into southern Tucson to beat the high cost of lodging in Green Valley. This road would take me near the shop where Sami got the transmission repaired in Marana Arizona. I thought it would be good opportunity to visit the mechanic that did the work. I wanted to fine tune … Read more

2015-10-27 Madera Canyon

Leaving Tubac Arizona I wanted to visit Madera Canyon. That required a night in Green Valley at an overpriced motel. Hindsight tells me I should have traveled north 26 miles and stayed in a low priced lodge, but I didn’t do that. I stayed at the Best Western for $110 (with tax). The room and … Read more

2015-10-26 Tubac Arizona

From Sierra Vista I set my sights on the Santa Cruz River Valley. The path most scenic took me through Patagonia, a town well known to birders. I’ve passed this way in the past, but not given it the time it deserves. This trip would not be different. At the southwestern end of town, at … Read more

2015-10-25 Sierra Vista

When I left Rustler Park I continued down the east side of the mountain to Portal. Hunting season being in place, there were numerous unsavory characters running on the same roads as I. Some of them were driving too fast, some too slow, and some would block the road while they ogled the surrounding woods, … Read more

2015-10-23 Rustler Park

Having taken care of the Samurai’s transmission, I was anxious to get started on the rest of my adventure. It was less than a two-hour drive to the base of the Chiricahua mountains and depending on my driving style, another one and a half to two hours to reach the campsite in Rustler Park. I’d been … Read more