2023-04-09 Early April On Cottonwood Wash

Saturday, my friend Linda and I drove to visit her good friend Kai, who lives on the Cottonwood Wash south of Pima. I had the pleasure of spending time with birds here once before as I returned from Texas in 2020, and I was eager to spend time once more. Summer birds were showing up, … Read more

2023-04 Early April on the Redington Road

I left Tucson Saturday with my heart set on traveling the Redington Road, so I drove to the end of Tanque Verde Road and climbed the steep, winding gravel to the crest of the first grade. The road was tough going. There weren’t a lot of birds to be seen as I drove, but there … Read more

2023-03-31 Friday on Mount Lemmon

I spent Thursday night on Mount Lemmon. I’d hoped to camp on Incinerator Ridge, where I’ve enjoyed warbler meetings in the past. I knew it was early for many of the birds that will migrate here to breed, but being in the neighborhood, I wanted to poke around. As I drove up the mountain from … Read more

2023-03-27 Agua Caliente Park – Tucson

Having enjoyed past visits to Agua Caliente Park in northeast Tucson, I was eager to return during my 2023 Expedition. It did not disappoint! For those folks unfamiliar with this location, it rests on the south side of Agua Caliente Wash at the northeast corner of Tucson, in Pima County, Arizona. The park covers over … Read more

2023-03-21 in Patagonia

Tuesday I visited the Paton Center for Hummingbirds in Patagonia, a destination I have heard many folks rave about over the years. It was my first visit, but I sure hope it is not the last. Once the home of bird lovers Wally and Marion Paton, it is now operated by the Tucson Audubon Society. … Read more

2023-03-19 Gardner Canyon Road

Knowing I’d be returning to Tucson after exploring some of southeastern Arizona’s birding Meccas, I left without the full tour of most of its local specialty locations for meeting birds. I camped two nights at a “Dispersed Camping” site along Gardner Canyon Road, four miles north of Sonoita. I was headed to Patagonia, but decided … Read more

2023-03-18 Sweetwater Wetlands-Tucson

I rely on an internet connection while I roam North America in my RV. My most reliable method has been through the use of cell phone service. As I explore remote locations, the cell service sometimes fails to deliver a useful connection, and I either have to delay the work I use it for, or … Read more

2020-11-26 & 27 Outside of Pima Arizona

I set Thatcher Arizona as a destination on this expedition because I wanted to upgrade the electrical system at my friend Linda’s house there. It took me several days to accomplish my tasks, but by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I’d finished. For Turkey day, plans for a dinner at her friend Kei’s home had been … Read more

2020-11-16 Monday at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum

The morning at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum started off slow. I like to hike to the top of the property where there is a pond called Ayers Lake. On the walk to the pond, I saw very little in the way of passerines along the trail. When I got to the lake, I found a … Read more

2020-11-12 Thursday In Gilbert Arizona

It was a big day for me Thursday in Gilbert. The sun was at its harshest mid-day height when I arrived at the Water Ranch, but I stayed into the late afternoon when the rich warm glow of a low winter sun shed on all my subjects.  I walked almost two miles through the five … Read more