2022 Expedition in Review

On February 27, I left San Diego on what turned out to be a 16,000 mile tour of western North America that lasted 7½ months. I began with a slow crawl north up the Pacific Coast, with my first stop in San Luis Obispo, and followed it to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  During the … Read more

2020-10-29 So Far, So Good!

On Saturday (Oct-24) I drove from June lake to Fallon Nevada, where I spent the night in the Walmart parking lot. Many of the roads I took once I entered Nevada were very scenic and rugged, but by the time I reached Fallon, open sagebrush country dominated the landscape. I drove on US-50, named the … Read more

2017-08-21 In The Shadow Of The Moon

Anyone who witnessed last week’s total solar eclipse is not likely to forget the spectacle … EVER! When my friend Jerry called last February suggesting we rendezvous in Idaho after a layover in the Salt Lake area, it was the opportunity to revisit Utah birds that initially attracted my interest, but after mulling over the … Read more

2015-06-18 So Endeth The Journey

April 27, 2015 I departed my home in Poway for an expedition through eight western states, California to Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. The journey lasted 53 days and traversed over 5300 miles and concluded on June 18. Though I met about 160 bird species, these are … Read more

2015-06-01 Snake River Birds of Prey

I’d been to the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area 14 years ago, but it was in the autumn and the area was silent of birds, but on this day there held the promise of raptor sightings. My friend Art and I drove out 76 miles to this place from his … Read more

2015-05-31 Bird Island Reserve

Payette Idaho’s Birding Island is a 650 acre reserve that is part the just north of New Plymouth, which is not very far from Payette Idaho which is across the Snake River from Ontario Oregon. The area includes almost 3 miles  along the Payette River and occupies about 1200 acres including the Birding Island section. … Read more