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2017-08-13 Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

This morning I found my way to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. I visited here once before while doing my big intermountain trip in the Samurai (the one where I caught a blood clot in my lungs that almost killed me). That was an early spring expedition in 2015. The birds I met were either … Read more

2016-04-23 Saturday Carson City to Tule Lake

I learned yesterday that the flu that was being passed around in my nephew’s house has abated. I was purposefully progressing at a snail’s pace to give it time to run its course and clear out. Now I’m still four or five days from arrival in Medford. There are places I still want to visit. … Read more

2015-05-05 Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve in Henderson Nevada near Las Vegas Nevada is a converted water treatment facility that now serves as a bird sanctuary. It lies north of Henderson next to the Las Vegas Wash and is composed of nine ponds with a network of trails that interweave along the levees that separate the … Read more