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2020-03-04 Wednesday At Dripping Springs

My stay in Las Cruces was extended several days because of issues I had to sort out with my RV generator. All is well now as I send this post off from Alpine Texas. I’m poised to explore Big Bend tomorrow (Saturday), but I don’t plan to exploit the whole park on this tour. I’ve … Read more

2020-03-02 Aguirre Springs In The Organ Mountains

This morning my friend Jerry and I said our good-byes. Jerry headed back to his home in Albuquerque and I started preparations to leave Las Cruces behind and head south into Texas just 25 miles away. I made an appointment for Wednesday morning to get the RV generator fixed. It has developed a problem with … Read more

2020-02-29 & March 1 At Mesilla Valley

Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park proved to be the best birding location in the Las Cruces area for my friend Jerry and I. I scouted the park briefly on Friday, spent a solo day there on Saturday, and accompanied Jerry there on Sunday. The drive to the park on Sunday provided a brief encounter with … Read more

2020-02-27 – Drive from Thatcher to Las Cruces

Leaving Safford and Thatcher Arizona, I drove east towards New Mexico on the most remote roads I could find on the map. I traveled on roads ripe with twists, turns, and incomparable scenery. I’m reminded that this is best the way to meet North America. By staying on the interstate you see little of the … Read more

2016-03-24 Upper Gila River to Virden Bridge

2016-03-24 Sunday At Silver City I stayed at the KOA Campground. All the tanks I wish to be full, were showing low levels and all those that I preferred to be empty were showing full. I bought enough propane to top off my supply, then used the hookups at the rented campsite to fill my fresh water … Read more

2016-03-23 Homeward Past Bosque Del Apache

2016-03-23 Wednesday Begins My Homeward Leg My stay with Jerry in Albuquerque was wonderful. My only regret was that I took so many pictures without processing or posting to my website that I’m returning home with a big job ahead of me. I hope on my next trip (coming soon) I’ll have better discipline and post … Read more

2016-03-20 & 22 Rio Grande Nature Center

2016-03-20 and 22 On Sundays there is a regularly scheduled nature walk at the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park and I joined the group on this day. Organized groups do not lend themselves to fruitful photography, but the educational value can be worthwhile. The Nature Center is situated along the Rio Grande River in … Read more

2016-03-19 Albuquerque Botanic Gardens

Saturday 2016-03-19 Shooting macro images of flowers is something that interested me early in my ‘career’, but I rarely do so anymore. Most of you reading this and who’ve known me for a while know of my passion for capturing bird images. One aspect of capturing bird images that can be trying is the fact that the … Read more

2016-04-10 Sights South Of Albuquerque

San Lorenzo Canyon was described to my friend Jerry recently by members of his camera club. On Friday 2016-03-18, we set out to find this place in the desert above the Rio Grande. We climbed into my Travato and headed south on the I-25. While en route about 12 miles south, at the town of Los Lunas, Jerry asked me … Read more