2023-06-11 Middle Creek – PA

2023-06-11 Sunday After a week enjoying the hospitality of my long-time friends Jeff and Kathy in Wernersville PA, This morning I’m on the road again. I used some of my time in Wernersville to get my blog backlog whittled down. I published two blogs during my stay here, but the two stories pertaining to my … Read more

2023-06-07 Blue Marsh, PA

After breakfast Wednesday, and a few errands, I drove a few miles from Wernersville PA, to a reserve called Blue Marsh. I didn’t have much background information about the place, so I was not sure what to expect. Using Google to navigate, it led me to a parking lot and a trailhead. While reading the … Read more

2023-06-07, A Week In Wernersville, PA

I left Canada five days ago without a clear plan for my drive south. After all, I had Nova Scotia in my sights when I left San Diego last March. But the universe placed some obstacles in the way. The fires in that province convinced me to steer clear of the region. I weighed my … Read more