2023-06-19 Harrisonburg VA Region

I pulled into Harrisonburg VA from Strasburg on Sunday. Before I hit the road, I scouted the region for promising locations to find birds. There were three places that seemed worth visiting. Without settling in anywhere first, I worked my way southeast of town to Shenandoah Lake. Having just arrived and much of my energy … Read more

2023-06-16 Fort Valley Road – VA

I left the Trucker’s Rest Area south of Strasburg Friday morning. I had plotted a course for breakfast a few miles away. Later, I had a campsite in my sights called Elizabeth Furnace Campground in Fort Valley. But because of a technical problem with my GPS guidance system, I overshot my planned exit by about … Read more

2023-06-13 Sky Meadows – VA

2023-06-13 Tuesday My drive away from Harrisburg Monday morning was hindered by a rainstorm. With a forecast of bad weather for the day, there was no reason to push hard for my next birding venue at Sky Meadows State Park in Virginia. Later, I learned that Sky Meadows is a “dark sky” reserve, where monthly … Read more