2017-06-01 Nesting at Border Field

I drove down to Border Field this morning and met with the biology team surveying the California Least Terns (endangered) and Western Snowy Plovers (threatened). Both species struggle with habitat issues. The coastal beaches and wetlands they require for nesting have been decimated by human development. I’m not sure if I made any worthwhile captures, … Read more

2017-05-17 Nesting Season At The South Bay Saltworks

  It’s always a good day when visiting the nesting sites at the Saltworks, especially when it includes spending time with wildlife biologists Brian, Robert, Lea and Kate. On my way down to the rendezvous with the biology team this morning I made a pass by the mudflats at J Street, hoping to get the … Read more

2017-05-15 South San Diego Bay

I obligated myself to providing a ride for a friend to the San Diego airport and thought it might be worthwhile to stick my nose into some of my old South Bay birding haunts. My first stop on this morning was at Chula Vista Bayfront Park off J Street. I arrived at the near minimum … Read more

2017-03-20 Monday’s Flowers At Anza-Borrego

I felt the need this morning to get “out in the world”. I set my sights on Borrego Springs. Swainson’s Hawks are migrating and the flowers should be interesting about now. I left Poway early, but probably not early enough. I waited to get to Borrego before stopping for breakfast at Kendall’s. It was busy … Read more

Rat Theater Version 2.1

I’ve been consumed all this month getting the images from the boat cruize processed. Recently Scott Tremor (San Diego Natural History Museum) and I camped out in our local desert to trap and photograph species to improve the offerings for the Mammal Atlas. Our primary target was the Merriam’s Kangaroo Rat. We had good images … Read more

2017-01-17: A Great Day At The Salton Sea

  It was a great day at the Salton Sea yesterday. I arrived too late Monday for any work photographically, but it allowed me to be there at first light, which was wonderful. I spent the night sleeping in my van near “Unit 1” on Vendel Road. Debbie Merrill drove there Tuesday morning, and we … Read more

2016-10-30 Sunday At The Salton Sea With The New Nikon D5 Camera

2016-10-31 Monday (apologies for the semi-technical nature of this post) Yesterday I drove to the Salton Sea to test out my new camera. I know a place along the southeastern shore at the terminus of Young road that is reliable to find gulls in flight at close range. The Nikon D5 is a camera built for … Read more

2016-08-30&31 Springs at Santa Rosa Mountain

I’ve posted about my favorite place on the planet before: the Springs on Santa Rosa Mountain. This outing was the first time I’ve brought another photographer with me. Jerry and I drove up the long, rough road from the hellacious furnace in the desert valley below where 113°F oppressed us. Jerry expressed an interest in … Read more

2016-08-28 Bird & Butterfly Garden

A week ago Sunday I picked up my friend Jerry from Albuquerque at the airport for a week of recreational photography. I’ve been neglecting my need to collect images for too long. Jerry and I had planned this week several months ago. The loss of a limb below the knee placed a few limits on … Read more