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Destinations Under Consideration

When the concept of a series of stories about Birding Destinations took shape in my mind, I assembled a list of possible candidate locations and began writing about places I’ve most enjoyed meeting birds. Below is the list of places remaining to be discussed. I’ve described many of these locations in the Road Trip Photo Blogs (see the menu above), and I’ve placed a “<Blog>” link next to those listings. Some of the previously “blogged” locations may have been visited on other occasions, but not blogged (or the blogs have been lost). Each location is linked to a pin on a Google Map, so the reader can get a view of the destination’s geographic location.

Once I get the descriptions posted in the “Bird Destination” section, I’ll be removing those places from this list. Barring any suggestions or requests, I’ll most likely begin by working on the locations below without a blog entry.

I’ll entertain requests on what to write about next. This list is getting shorter. By my count I’ve posted 20 more episodes and now the 42 published blogs has grown to 62 episodes about my favorite birding places. Which of these remaining locations might interest YOU?