Gallery Display Tools

The information on this page is soon to be deprecated. Under development is a brand new image delivery system with interactive maps for geo-tagged images and a generous helping of metadata to describe the images and how they were captured, and though this site is not about camera technique, there will be a small helping for those who enjoy technical camera information. I hope the upcoming delivery system won’t need a help screen such as this one.

Since changing to a new image display mechanism recently, it seems appropriate to explain the new features. I believe most of the elements are self explanatory. Below is the one set of buttons I feel need a better description.

 These icons toggle on and off, some of the screen elements.

The  button turns on and off the Slide Show.

The   button turns on and off the Title and Description display.

The   button turns on and off the Comments display. These last two buttons offer a larger display screen for the images if you should choose.

Similarly, the small Down Button  under the Main Image Display can toggle the display of the Thumbnail Filmstrip below.

The default view is as shown above.

The Thumbnail Filmstrip at the bottom of the page can be used to bring up any image out of sequence, or the Scroll Left < and Scroll Right “>” buttons can be employed to navigate the gallery sequentially.

The Social Media Icons can be called on to engage your Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest friends.

New to the Image Display machinery is the Comment section. With earlier gallery displays it was only possible to direct comments to Pages. Now individual images can be the subject of your comments and remarks. As with all comments, it requires you to enter your name and email (and optionally your website) before it will post, but your name and address will not display for the general public after being posted. I plan to add my own comments to images that will enhance the context of the subject.

I hope this information will be helpful and add to your viewing enjoyment.