Bell’s Vireo

Vireo bellii

Bell’s Vireos are migratory and breed in the central and southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Winters are spent in central and southern Mexico and Baja California. Habitat loss threatens this species across its range, and the Least Bell’s Vireo was listed as Endangered in California in 1986, when there were only about 300 nesting pairs in existence. Since protective measures were instituted their numbers have been increasing.

Science recognises four subspecies of Bell’s Vireo. V. b. pusillus (Least Bells Vireo) breeds on the Pacific Slope of California from Santa Barbara to northern Baja California, and spend winters near the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. V. b. arizonae breeds in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and southwest and northwestern New Mexico, and winters in western Mexico. V. b. medius breeds in southeast New Mexico and west Texas and winters in central Mexico. V. b. bellii breeds in midwestern USA and winters on the Pacific Slope from Mexico to Nicaragua.

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