Blue Crane

Anthropoides paradiseus
Range Map

Sometimes called the Stanley Crane, Blue Cranes are popular in zoo displays, but are native to Southern Africa. I remember driving through miles of agricultural grain fields in South Africa and the delight I felt when one of these birds crossed the highway we travelled. They are the national bird for the Republic of South Africa.

Studies show that Blue Cranes wander only 20 to 30 kilometers from where they were raised. Their movements do not seem to be motivated by season, so perhaps it has more to do with availability of food. Their diet is rather variable, with a significant portion of seeds and plant-based foods and a balance of insects and small animals.

Science classifies these birds as vulnerable, and studies show that populations have been declining. The reasons for the decline seems to primarily be from human pressure. Hunting, accidental poisoning and agricultural expansions have all been considered as causes. Climate changes have also been considered as contributing to the problems faced by these birds.




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