Common Raven

Corvus corax

The Common Raven is much larger than an American Crow. In flight, the middle tail feathers (Rectrices) are long, giving the tail a wedge shape. Whereas the American Crow’s tail is rounded, or fan-like. Another trait I’ve noticed is the sound of their flight. While the crow’s flight is nearly silent, the ravens have a “whirr” or “whoosh” sound when they pass overhead.

These birds can be found in the northern hemisphere of Asia, Europe, and North America. They have a well-earned, centuries old reputation for causing mischief and exploiting human activities to their own advantage. These birds are intelligent and can sort out solutions to complex problems if it means gaining a reward.

Ravens can be hard on the surrounding species, applying effective and complex strategies for nest predation; tag-teaming attacks on nesting seabirds to lure the parent from its nest and stealing eggs or young.

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Click map markers to reveal further information