Dusky-Capped FlyCatcher

Myiarchus tuberculifer

I first met this bird at the Arivaca Cienega. It looks very much like the Ash-Throated Flycatcher, but sounds very different. This bird’s call is a whiny whistle, whereas the Ash-Throat has a trilled character to its call.

Birds in the genus Myiarchus nest in cavities. This bird’s normal range is from northern South America, Central America, and Mexico. While they have recorded it further north, southeast Arizona and southwestern New Mexico are as far north as we expect them to travel in spring and summer. During my visit to south Texas in the winter of 2021, I met this bird in McAllen (Texas), proving once again, birds don’t always pay attention to range maps. Otherwise it would not have ventured the extra 100 (plus) miles into Texas.

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