Eastern Phoebe

Sayornis phoebe
Range Map

The Eastern Phoebe’s normal range is pretty much east of the Rocky Mountains. Summers find them migrating north of the Mason-Dixon Line all the way into the southern zone of the North-West Territory (Canada). Some of their population remains year-round on the southeastern USA from Texas to Virginia. During winter, many of these birds stay in the deep south, from the south Atlantic coast through Florida, and all along the Gulf coast through Texas and in eastern Mexico.

In the middle of January (2015), I met my first Eastern Phoebe. The individual must have lost its way, because it spent the winter in the Tijuana River Valley, near the Mexican border in San Diego County, far afield from the range we expect to find them. Since that first, out-of-place meeting, I’ve enjoyed their company in most places I’ve visited in Texas during the winter months.

Taxonomists regard the Eastern Phoebe as monotypic (i.e. no subspecies).



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