Forster’s Tern

Sterna forsteri

We see Forster’s Terns in Southern California year-round. Their breeding range extends throughout many locations in the USA and the southern prairies of Canada. These birds are nearly exclusive to the North American continent all year.

In San Diego County, we find nesting along the shoreline of South San Diego Bay, but most Forster’s Terns migrate north to the northern Great Basin region or to the northern prairies and the upper Mississippi valley, where they seek open water marshes to nest and raise their babies.

Forster’s Tern populations, like other species dependent on prairie marsh lands, have suffered from habitat loss and degradations because of agricultural development, draining wetlands, though their numbers haven’t dropped as dramatically as other species.

I’ve enjoyed meeting these graceful birds in many locations throughout Western USA, from California to Texas, including the Great Basin.

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