Golden Eagle

Aquila chrysaetos
Range Map

We can find this species throughout the northern hemisphere. They are among the fastest flyers in the world. If they decide to go after a swift bird such as a Peregrine Falcon, the only hope the falcon has is to out-climb the eagle. In a straight line chase, the falcon has no chance. A dive by the falcon will only result in the eagle following it to the ground, where the falcon will most likely meet its demise.

Today’s science recognises six subspecies:

  • A. c. homeyeri lives on the Iberian Peninsula and across northern Africa.
  • A. c. chrysaetos lives throughout Europe.
  • A. c. daphanea lives in central Asia to central China and south to the Himalayas from northern Pakistan east to Bhutan.
  • A. c. japonica lives in Japan and the Korean Peninsula.
  • A. c. kamtschatica lives in northeastern Asia.
  • A. c. canadensis lives across North America.

Aside from captive birds, my photographic meetings have only been in Oregon.

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