Green Kingfisher

Chloroceryle americana

Green Kingfishers are the smallest member of the family Alcedinidae in the New World. Regularly found in south Texas, we sometimes find these birds in southern Arizona. These birds prefer brush-lined clear water streams or ponds to hint for aquatic prey.

Science recognizes five subspecies of Green Kingfisher. Only C. a. hachisukai and C. a. septentrionalis find their way into the USA. C. a. hachisukai is resident as far north as southern Arizona and west Texas, and range as far south as south-central Mexico. C. a. septentrionalis lives from the lower Rio Grande Valley in the north, eastern Mexico and through Central America to northern South America. C. a. americana ranges from northern South America east of the Andes and as far south as Brasil. We find also them in the Caribbean on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. C. a. cabanisii lives on the western slopes of the Andes from Colombia to northern Chile. We find C. a. mathewsii in southern Bolivia and Brasil east of the Andes and south to northern Argentina.

To date, my only meeting with this bird has been at Sabal Palm Sanctuary in Brownsville (Texas).

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