Hooded Warbler

Setophaga citrina
Range Map

In winter, Hooded Warblers retreat from their breeding grounds in the eastern USA and fly to the West Indies, the Caribbean, northern South America, Mexico and South America. Their summer range extends from Connecticut and New York states, south to northern Florida, east to southern Great Lakes, then south to east Texas and most of the Gulf Coast.

Much like Canada Warblers (but not as shy), Hooded Warblers have an affinity for understory environments and stay low, rather than seek the upper canopy. Their preferred habitat is in mature hardwood forests, but they’ve proven to be versatile in their choice of nesting environments.

During my spring 2021 migration vigil on South Padre Island, these birds were some of the most cooperative and endearing birds I met. They seemed fearless of humans, and often approached so close, they were a challenge to photograph.

Today’s science see’s the Hooded Warbler as monotypic (no recognised subspecies).


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