Long-Billed Thrasher

Toxostoma longirostre

Looking very much like its redder cousin, the Brown Thrasher, the browner Long-Billed Thrasher’s range is restricted to southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. Though it gets its name for its long bill, among thrashers it is not exceptional. The LeConte’s, California, and Crissal Thrashers all have a longer bill length.

Like all its thrasher cousins, it uses its beak by side-to-side sweeps through soft soils and litter to find its food. Invertebrates comprise most of its diet, but they will take fruits and small berries in season.

Modern science recognises two subspecies. T. l. longirostre lives in northeastern Mexico, and T. l. sennetti lives further north and is the bird we see in south Texas.

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