Oak Titmouse

Baeolophus inornatus

Formerly called the Plain Titmouse, in 1997, the American Ornithologists’ Union separated the Oak Titmouse and the Juniper Titmouse into two species. The Oak Titmouse is a resident in California and exists in very limited areas north and south of its borders.

Oak Titmice will eat insects and spiders, and they sometimes hawk insects in mid-air. Also on the menu are berries, acorns, and seeds. This species forages on foliage, twigs, branches, trunks, and occasionally on the ground, sometimes hanging upside down, pendulum-style to forage, and opening seeds by hammering them against branches.

Today, science recognises four subspecies of Oak Titmouse.

  • B. i. inornatus lives from southern Oregon to central California.
  • B. i. affabilis lives in southwestern California and northern Baja California (Mexico).
  • B. i. mohavensis lives in southeast California.
  • B. i. cineraceus lives in Baja California.

I’ve enjoyed the year-round company of the Oak Titmouse at my home in southern California. Their clear ringing songs and the critical scolding calls are familiar sounds in the neighborhood.

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