Snow Goose

Anser caerulescens

Snow Geese breed in the high Arctic and spend winters in several locations in the continental USA and Mexico. We find these birds, in their winter homes, often in huge numbers near grain fields. California’s Central Valley, the Salton Sea, and New Mexico’s Bosque del Apache are great locations to meet large winter gatherings of these birds.

Snow Geese and their close relatives, Ross’s Geese, are relentless grazers, stripping the land in many places in the Arctic where they graze. This concerns some researches regarding the negative impact on the environment. Considering these birds have expanded their nesting range since the 1950s, these concerns may have merit.

Today’s science recognises two subspecies of Snow Geese. A. c. caerulescens breeds on Wrangle Island, northern Alaska, and northern Canada east to Baffin Island. A. c. atlantica breeds on northern Baffin Bay and northwest Greenland.

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