Tropical Parula

Setophaga pitiayumi
Range Map

The Tropical Parula has had many names, such as Sennett’s Warbler, Olive-backed Warbler, Pitiayumi Warbler, and Tropical Parula Warbler. In the past, some considered it as the same species as the Northern Parula.

Most researchers recognise nine subspecies of Tropical Parula:

  • S. p. nigrilora lives in eastern Mexico and sometimes to south Texas in the lower Rio Grande Valley.
  • S. p. pulchra lives in western Mexico from Sonora south to Oaxaca. Some of the northern breeding birds move south for the winter.
  • S. p. insularis lives on islands off the Pacific coast of central Mexico.
  • S. p. graysoni is endemic to the island of Socorro in the Revillagigedos of Mexico.
  • S. p. inornata lives in the highlands, of southern Mexico and northern Central America.
  • S. p. cirrha lives in islands off the Pacific coast of Panama.
  • S. p. pacifica is a resident of South America’s northern Andes Mountains.
  • S. p. alarum lives in the highlands eastern Ecuador and Peru.
  • S. p. pitiayumi lives in northern South America and nearby Caribbean islands.

In February 2017, I visited the island of Socorro in the Revillagigedos of Mexico and met S. p. graysoni.

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