Socorro Wren

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Troglodytes sissonii

A relative of the familiar House Wren, this bird is only found on the island of Socorro, in the Mexican Revillagigedo Islands. Science first discovered the Socorro Wren when Andrew Jackson Grayson found the bird in 1865. There was over a century of disagreement about how to classify the genus for this species (Troglodytes or Thryomanes), but as DNA is currently king in the world of scientific classification, those studies have concluded that the Troglodytes handle is the most appropriate.

I met these birds while accompanying a science team on a nineteen day expedition aboard the Shogun out of San Diego in February 2017. We visited several of the remote volcanic islands 600 miles off the coast of mainland Mexico. While in the company of master birders Amy McAndrews and Jorge Montejo, I concentrated on the bird-life we encountered. The rest of the science team studied the plants, reptiles, insects and other life-forms. You can read my blogs about these accounts <Here>.



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