Porzana carolina

We find the Sora nearly anywhere in North America where it breeds. They spend winters in southern USA, Mexico, Central and northern South America. This bird ranges over a wider area than of all other rails.

Like its cousins, it reveals its presence more readily to our ears by its distinctive call, than it will to our eyes. There are several vocalizations offered by the Sora, but the most memorable song is its barrage of descending beeps. No other bird utter sounds remotely similar to this bird.

When rearing young, the Sora will consume insects and other invertebrates. Most of the year this bird eats mostly seeds and vegetable matter, much more so than any of its kin.

My meetings with this species have come in California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Alberta (Canada), and Texas.


      Sora Calls
      Sora Whinny

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