Texan Bullock’s Oriole

Icterus bullockii

The Bullock’s Oriole and the Baltimore Oriole were once thought to be the same species (Northern Oriole). In 1995 the species was spilt. The Bullock’s being a western bird and the Baltimore more commonly an eastern bird. Science has determined by genetic analysis that these two birds are not closely related. Yet where their ranges overlap, they will breed and hybridize.

I found some intriguing birds, including three oriole species at a roadside rest area about one hour east of Fort Stockton Texas where I abandon the drive for a while to break the monotony of the I-10 freeway. I was surprised how many birds I found. There were 3 oriole species, 3 flycatcher species, and cactus wrens. I kept only a single image of this species from my Texas expedition this spring. I thought it might be fun to include images of the other birds I met at this random roadside stop.

For those folks interested in seeing more images of the Bullock’s Oriole from other western states, visit the <Species Gallery>.

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