Texan Dark-Eyed Junco

Junco hyemalis

Juncos are in the sparrow family. The Dark-eyed Junco group has fifteen members, including seven “Oregon” subspecies, “State Colored”, “Pink-Sided”, and others. In the western and north-eastern USA they are resident year round, but in the far north (Canada and Alaska) they are only found in summer and in the Great Plains and much of the Southwest they are only found in winter.

After spending most of the day in Big Bend National Park, I drove to Marathon Texas, where I discovered this Gray-Headed bird at the Gage Gardens near the town center. The full account of my day at Big Bend can be read <HERE>.

I’ve met lots of Dark-Eyed Juncos in my travels. There are 46 images including birds from California, Arizona, Wyoming, Texas, Canada and Alaska in the <Species Gallery>.

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