Texas Turnstones

Arenaria interpres

Ruddy Turnstones are found on the shores of every continent except Antarctica, breeding on lands bordering the north pole, and wintering further south, some as far as Argentina, South Africa, southern Australia and New Zealand. Turnstones use their short, upturned beaks to flip rocks and debris in search of food items. The Ruddy Turnstone breeds a little further north and winters further south than its cousin the Black Turnstone.

On the West Coast, Black Turnstones are more common than Ruddys, though both are possible. In Texas I found only Ruddys, either near Corpus Christi, or further south near Brownsville. This gallery is restricted to just the birds I met in Texas. For a look at the birds I’ve met out west (including Isla Socorro, Mexico), visit the <Species Gallery>.

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