White-Faced Ibis

Plegadis chihi

Though this bird is not closely related, it has the look of a rail. Where true rails are secretive, ibises are gregarious. We often find them gathered in large groups. The northern population of White-Faced Ibis is migratory and breeds in western USA north into Idaho and Montana. This population will spend winters in Southwestern USA and Mexico.

There is also a South American population resident across the southeastern sections of that continent. Despite the isolation of the two groups, science views the White-Faced Ibis as monotypic, meaning there are no recognised subspecies.

The White-Faced Ibis is often confused with the Glossy Ibis. Variations in lighting can prism differing coloration from their feathers. While it may be difficult to see, the White-Faced Ibis has reddish eyes, where the Glossy Ibis has dark, brownish eyes.

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