White-Fronted Parrot

Amazona albifrons
Range Map

These natives of Mexico and Central America are popular in the pet trade, and so have been released (or escaped) to establish feral populations in south Texas and southern California.

Science recognises three subspecies:

  • A. a. albifrons, or White-Fronted Amazon lives in western Mexico to southwestern Guatemala.
  • A. a. nana or Lesser White-Fronted Amazon lives in southeastern Mexico to northwestern Costa Rica.
  • A. a. saltuensis or Sonora White-Fronted Amazon lives in northwestern Mexico.

I met a single White-Fronted Parrot in 2021 during a Texas state-wide team birding competition called the Big Sit, at the National Butterfly Center in Mission. We weren’t allowed to include the species in our totals because it was a non-native. It was fun to meet this bird none-the-less.




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