Memories of Chula Vista Bayfront Park

Red-Breasted Merganser - Mergus serratorChula Vista Bayfront Park occupies the southern shore of San Diego Bay. To its south is a large shallow marsh where low tides expose a mudflat that can host large numbers of terns, shorebirds, gulls, waterfowl and waders. I enjoy my visits there most in the early morning before the sun climbs high enough to reflect on the water and mudflats, limiting the quality of the images I may attempt.

When the sun climbs to mid-morning height, a profitable strategy can be to move to the bay-shore with a view to the west, where one might find scoters, grebes, scaup and brant. If conditions are calm and the birds are feeding near-shore, these encounters can be very satisfying.

Great Blue Herons nest in pines in the middle of the grassy park north of the boat launch ramp at the marina, and in season these can be interesting subjects.

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