Memories of Famosa Slough

Little Blue Heron - Egretta caeruleaThe Rose Canyon Fault is considered the most dangerous earthquake threat in San Diego County. It is also responsible for some of the most interesting geological features in the coastal zone for the county. Mount Soledad overlooking La Jolla, Point Loma, Mission Bay and San Diego Bay have been shaped by this fracture in the earth’s crust.

Between Mission Bay and San Diego Bay, a marshy wetland called Famosa Slough hosts an ever-changing population of shorebirds, waterfowl, waders and passerines. Some of the best viewing is from the western shore, and there are often nice subjects in view in the early morning, there is a brief window after sunrise before the sun reflects on the water and presents a problem for gathering images. Late in the afternoon is sometimes more advisable if the sun light is contentious.

While the main water body is often the most viable location to meet bird-life, there is a willowy woodland at the southern limit of the slough that offers potential avian meetings. North of West Point Loma Boulevard the wetlands lead past a narrow waterway which can also be good for meeting waders, passerines and waterfowl.

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