Memories of Gold Beach Oregon

Osprey - Pandion haliaetusIn September 2017 I was roaming the coast of Southern Oregon. I’d been in Bandon and was headed to Gold Beach where I planned to tick off a bucket-list item that had been there since the early 1970s. I wanted to ride the jet boats up the Rogue River to Agnus. By the time a found my way to Gold Beach it was too late to catch the boat that day. So I signed up for the following morning and set out to explore the town and see what opportunities for birding I might find.

There were airborne birds at the South Jetty of the Rogue River I could see downstream, so I worked my way down the riverside roads and carried my camera gear out to meet the birds. Sailing past me, I saw Osprey, Double-Crested Cormorants, California Gulls, Western Gulls, Turkey Vultures, and Common Ravens. Many of the Osprey flying past were carrying fish from offshore, and I used the opportunity to capture that action.

The next morning I took that boat ride up the river and was not disappointed. On reflection, the afternoon I spent with the flying birds was just as memorable, but more soul satisfying.

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