Memories of Goodan Ranch

Lark Sparrow - Chondestes grammacusBetween June and December in 2008, I visited Goodan Ranch eleven times. I’ve not been back since. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I overdid it that year. For the time being it’s still an oasis of wildness surrounded by profiteers lusting for the chance to scrape clean the hillsides of the chaparral and the valleys of grass and trees and replace them with pavement and crappy boxes with manicured yards. It’s a shame such ambitions exist, ignoring the damage it causes the environment. Some might consider me a cynic or a pessimist, but I’ve seen the pattern repeated since my childhood more times than I care to count.

I would encourage folks to visit this 2200+ acre preserve and enjoy it for what it represents; a hint of what this part of the planet used to be. From the valley floor you can’t see the encroaching “civilization”. There is a peaceful tranquility available here if you look for it.

There are a variety of trails through the preserve that transport the interested explorer through the various habitats. A few of these trails require a modicum of effort to ascend, but many follow less challenging routes.

The gallery below will show you some of the possible meetings available here.

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